15M Euros In Grant Funding Awarded To EU Partner PreciDIAB Institute

EU Partner Of RevivAll Receives 15 Million Euros In Grant Funding To Develop National Center for Precision Diabetic Medicine 

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Responding to one of the global healthcare sector’s biggest challenges of delivering high quality care at a lowered cost, RevivAll Inc. has joined with world-class researchers and clinicians from the PreciDIAB Institute to empower and transform the lives of people living with diabetes.

PreciDIAB Institute is a unique collaborative venture between world class scientists, multidisciplinary clinicians, innovative health start-ups, and professional diabetes associations across Europe. RevivAll is one of a select group of health start-ups scouted to collaborate with PreciDiab in delivering innovative, targeted patient education and self-management interventions to the patients of the 3,000 bed Lille University Hospitals.

National and local authorities of the French government have awarded PreciDIAB Institute 15 Million Euros to achieve a simple but highly ambitious objective to develop novel solutions to controlling diabetes and comorbidities, and offer people living with diabetes the same quality of life and longevity as non-diabetics, at reasonable costs.

In joining this collaborative effort, RevivAll will help drive tech-enabled, innovative advances in diabetes management. Using the RevivAll app, clinicians from Lille University Hospitals will be able to connect diabetes patients to:

  • Evidence-based diabetes management resources
  • Gamified lifestyle modification exercises
  • Virtual, remote patient support groups
  • Population level data to measure behavioral changes

President and Founder of RevivAll, Nadia James said, “It’s very humbling to be part of such a prestigious collaborative innovative. We were approached by PreciDIAB a little over one year ago, and are ecstatic to apply all that we’ve learned in that time to our upcoming efforts. Lille University Hospital touches many lives, and with our technology we will be able to help drive some of the impact that is made.” The leaders of PreciDIAB Institute, RevivAll, and other stakeholders will convene at Lille University Campus in March 2019 to kickoff this ambitious project.

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