How To Create A Health Community On Instagram Like A Boss

Regularly sharing Instagram updates can be hard work for patient leaders who lack the right tools and content strategy. 70% of content posted onto Instagram doesn’t get seen, and with Instagram’s latest algorithm update, accounts with historically high levels of post engagement are being bumped to the front while others get pushed to the back. Enhance the performance of your Instagram account and attract new followers with these simple tricks and free tools.


When’s the best time to post on Instagram?

As a general rule-of-thumb, it’s always better to publish Instagram posts during off-work hours. Avoid posting on Instagram between 3pm and 4pm, especially on weekdays, as this is when most of your followers will be busy at work. When it comes to video content, however, post performance tends to increase around 9 p.m.


What type of content should I share?

When deciding what to post on Instagram remember to follow the 80/20 rule. No more than 1 in 5 posts should be self-promotional. Opt for photos that have good natural lighting and decluttered backgrounds. And share educational or how-to content less often, as this type of content tends to drive less engagement than photos with faces.


I’m finding it difficult to post updates on Instagram everyday. Are there any free tools that can help me?

Yes! There are plenty of free tools that you can use to make your Instagram efforts work for your schedule. Here are some crowd favorites.



Later is a very popular tool amongst bloggers and entrepreneurs. Prepare your Instagram updates in advance and Later will remind you to publish each post onto Instagram at the right time. Schedule and publish up to 30 photo posts (no video) onto one social media profile per month with this free tool.





This extremely popular social media scheduling and analytics tool is used by millions of people around the world. Prepare Instagram updates from your computer or mobile device and Hootsuite will remind you when it’s time to publish each post onto Instagram. Publish onto up to 3 social profiles for free.




Create beautiful Instagram content from your desktop or mobile device and receive reminders when it’s time to post your photos. Publish up to 10 posts onto 1 social profile for free.

Are there any free tools I can use to create eye-catching Instagram graphics?

Canva – Canva has predesigned graphics that allow you to customize the perfect image for you to post for your brand.

Pablo – extension of Buffer’s social media management tool. The tool helps jazz up quotes, tips, and other short texts on social media.

Recite – free web tool for creating text-graphics.

Over – photo-editing app and on-the-go design studio for anyone with either an Android or iPhone.

BeFunky – online photo editor complete with a photo editing, collage making and and graphic design tool.

Quotescover – quick, easy tool for turning personal or famous quotes into beautiful graphics.


I’ve hit a slump in my follower growth. How can I keep growing my Instagram following?

TAG SUPER USERS: Strategically tagging other user accounts and brands with large followings is a great way to have your posts regrammed to a bigger audience. Be sure to include their handle in the tag and caption of your post.

INCLUDE CALL TO ACTIONS: The Instagram feed algorithm favors posts that generate more engagement. End your updates by posing a question to your followers to get more comments and ensure your post is exposed to more of your followers. Remember, Instagram truncates its captions so be sure to place your questions at the beginning of your post.

ALWAYS GEOTAG: Research has shown that posts with a location generate 79% more engagement than posts that are without. Geotagging a post takes mere seconds—always do this.

JOIN A LOOP GIVEAWAY: Many creative business leaders collaborate with one another to host giveaway contests on Instagram. Loop giveaway rules typically dictate that contest entrants follow all of the giveaway hosts. A random contest entrant is then selected to win a prize. The results may vary in terms of follower growth. Graphic design company, Elle & Co, gained 3,000 followers from participating in a loop giveaway contest while entrepreneur coach, Amber Dee, gained 300 followers.

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