Breast Cancer Screening Rates For Women of Color [Fact Sheet]

More women of color are getting mammography screenings than ever before. Mammograms can accurately detect breast cancer in 9 out of 10 women before symptoms even begin to show. Getting a regular mammogram screening is crucial to detecting breast cancer early! Here are the facts on mammogram screening rates for American women of diverse heritage.


Black Women take the lead

Compared to women of all other backgrounds, Black women are the most likely to receive annual mammograms. When taking income into account, black women with low household incomes receive regular screenings more often than white women of similar means.


Japanese Lead Asian American women

Asian American women are getting screened less often than black and white women. Compared to other Asian Americans, Japanese women are most likely to get mammograms. Regular screenings are lowest for Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian and Filipino women.


Mammogram Screenings Rise for Native American Women

At the start of the 2000s, Native American women were getting screened less often than any other group. Thanks to targeted education efforts, breast cancer screening has become more popular. In times past, less than 2 in 5 Native American women got annual mammograms. Now, 3 in 5 women are getting screened every two years, bringing them on par with Latina women.

Within the Native American community, women in New Mexico are most likely to get a mammogram and women in Arizona are least likely to get a mammogram.


Puerto Rican Women Lead Latinas

Within the Latina community, Puerto Rican women are most likely to get mammograms and Mexican American women are least likely to get mammograms. Compared to women of other races, Latina and Native American women get screened the least.


Affordable Mammogram Screening Options

Mammograms are more affordable than ever for women. Most health insurance plans cover mammogram costs entirely for women above 40. The CDC also offers free and low-cost mammograms nationwide.

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