Online Program For Young Women Survivors of Cancer: I Am Survivor

I Am Survivor is a 28 day survivorship program for women who were diagnosed with cancer in their 20s and 30s, and are currently in remission. Cancer recovery is equal parts physical and mental, and yet 3 in 4 cancer survivors experiencing distress don’t have access to mental health support.

Meeting this gap in need, I Am Survivor provides a safe space for cancer survivors to connect anonymously and develop self care, coping and recovery strategies. Here’s an overview of topics addressed during the program.

Your feelings are valid

It’s common for cancer survivors to suffer from mental health issues in silence. In this first week, you’ll be led through reflections on your mental and emotional health.

You Are Enough

Embark on the journey of acknowledging and accepting your current reality, and pinpointing triggers of negative thought patterns. Reflect on your ‘New Normal’, and begin to process inner changes that have taken place. This week is all about facing negative self-image and social comparison head on.

You Are Loved

Treat yourself to a week of self-care, pausing to take stock of your self-care habits and congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come. In this week’s Support Group session, you’ll receive practical tips on what it really takes to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Affirm your inner strength and identify barriers to personal development with the support and guidance of qualified mental health experts.

You Will Live Your Best Life

Cancer may have damaged your hair or your skin, but it hasn’t shaken your ability to lead a fulfilling life. Join fellow survivors in practicing self-compassion, forgiveness and encouragement. Learn to replace negative self talk with positive affirmations, and redirect your subconscious. Set intentions for the present to guide you to a more fulfilling future. Focus on your self-development, practice powerful mind exercises and visualizations, and manifest your hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year.

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