Do Instagram Business Tools Work For Health Influencers? Yes and No

On the road to monetization, maintaining authenticity is paramount. ‘Instafamous’ patient leaders are known and loved for their commitment to uplifting and educating patients with similar health experiences. Determining whether, and how to use (or not use) Instagram’s suite of business tools is one of many key decisions for patient leaders.

Do healthcare professionals need business profiles? Are Sponsored Ads worth it?

The impact of Instagram’s recent algorithm change and business profile is controversial for brands and influencers across all industries.

Instagram’s business profiles and sponsored ads promise to help brands gain new customers using more than a hashtag—but do they really deliver? Instagram’s business profiles can give you access to demographic information on your followers and allow you to track the performance of your posts.

Business pages also have dedicated space for including contact information. In order to run a sponsored post, you must first either convert your personal account into a business one, or create a business page that will be used exclusively to promote your blog, or health and wellness services.


IF YOU PLAN TO SELL A LINE OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, create a separate business page that you can promote from time to time using your personal Instagram account. This will protect the authenticity of your personal voice, while allowing you to explicitly promote your services. You can alternative switch your personal profile to a business page. However, this can be a tricky endeavor that can put your credibility and reputation at risk. By separating your business endeavors from your personal profile, you can monetize your followers while maintaining your authority status.

IF YOU PLAN TO MONETIZE YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWING WITH ENDORSEMENTS, then creating a separate business page is unnecessary. Instagram’s latest Business feature makes it easy for influencers and celebrities to tag sponsors when publishing sponsored content from their personal profile.

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