3 Things You Learn When Diagnosed With Diabetes At 25

Michelle Roberts is a YouTube vlogger who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the young age of 25. Her story and stories like hers have become more common as diabetes grows in younger generations.

Here are three lessons her diagnosis story can teach you about life.

Keep calm and carry on

Whether your diet and lifestyle is perfectly healthy or not, being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t make you any lesser of a person. You can’t beat yourself up over your diagnosis.

Stay in the present

For most young people the thought of having to take medicine everyday is a scary one. Even if your goal is to reverse your diabetes you must first accept where you’re at in the present moment. If you don’t, your symptoms could become life threatening.

You are the change you need

As the saying goes, “If you don’t like it, change it”. Though never easy, change is always happening. You can either allow change to take you by surprise, or take ownership of it.

What Next?

Figuring out what works for your body takes time—and lots of support. Now that you’ve been diagnosed, what are you—not your doctor, or your partner, or your nutritionist—going to do about it?

You could start by venting about how you’re feeling. You could also crowdsource tips on how to manage your symptoms and side effects, and find people to hold you accountable to your health goals.

You can do all these things by joining a judgement free community for people living with diabetes. The only thing you shouldn’t do is allow diabetes to take control from you.

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