This At Home Yoga Video Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Yoga With Adriene is a YouTube channel led by Adriene Mishler, an inspiring yoga teacher on a mission to bring yoga into the homes people of all ages, shapes and sizes. An online community of over 4 million subscribers tune in for her free, high quality videos on yoga and mindfulness.

This 30 minute session, Yoga For Diabetes is crafted to help people with diabetes stimulate the body and the mind with connected breath, slow movement and stress relieving postures. This yoga routine is suitable for beginners and newcomers to at home yoga practice.


Yoga For Diabetes Reviews

Wow, this is truly a powerful practice ! No flows, just strong slow moves that seem to reach all parts of the body inside and out. I appreciated the short rests in between to counteract the opposite stretch, it felt so good. I enjoyed the challenge of the dolphin and the plough. I look forward to repeating those. This practice left me feeling tingly and gooood !

Adriene, I love everything that you do! My body needs a lot of love and healing especially my lower back and sciatic nerve.  You keep me active and moving.  I go slowly and do what feels good.  I am a teacher, did those practices and enjoyed them for what they bring me, my body and my soul.  Thanks for being you! Please continue with the different titles, I enjoy them all.

Yoga With Adriene I was excited when I saw the new video notification this morning. I have several serious medical conditions. ALL of my doctors recommend yoga because of the health benefits for me. Stress is a killer. The nurses at my cardiac rehab classes all think this is an excellent idea.

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