Is there room for healthcare on social media?

Despite privacy concerns, patients and providers both are seeking support, sharing knowledge and sourcing health information on social media.

Here’s the latest research and trends on social media’s role in healthcare delivery and patient self management:

Clinical utilization of social media

Surgeons are livestreaming their surgeries in order to counter the unrealistic perceptions of the medical profession glamorized by television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs and ER. Through Snapchat, these surgeons are educating the greater public on the realities of surgery.

Source: Becker’s Hospital Review


The NHS (National Health Services of the UK) is making an effort to be more responsive to anecdotal concerns shared on Facebook about hospitals. The NHS recognizes that real-time social media updates may lend valuable insight to their understanding of how hospitals are functioning, and is turning towards Facebook and other Big Data sources to refine their existing inspection process. That said, critics worry that this new, tailored inspection procedure may not be as comprehensive as before.

Source: Telegraph


Clinical Research on patient use

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), similar to other clinical research teams across the country, is turning to social media to design scalable care delivery models. Their models can have a multitude of benefits for patients and providers. These models allow providers to understand the real-world context in which patients live, reduce the amount of resources needed to treat chronic disease patients, and provide a method of communication amongst providers to ease collaboration.

Source: Healthcare IT News


Could Facebook help lessen loneliness in elder care? A 2016 study finds that older adults who used social technology including email and Facebook were less lonely, more satisfied with life and managing fewer depressive symptoms and chronic conditions.

Source: MSU Today

Patients on social media

New survey finds Millennials rely strongly on social media to find general medical advice, decide between providers, and make health-related lifestyle choices.

Source: Forbes

In the age of social media, people share major and minor life moments online, including health-related events. This startup is analyzing how patients engage with hospitals using social media. They’ve found that most interactions are maternity-related or include well-wishes for friends and family.

Source: Healthcare IT News

Caregivers are increasingly turning to the internet to find information on medications, health symptoms, diseases and conditions, find doctors and more. 77 percent of surveyed caregivers reported that they share online health information they’ve researched with others.

Source: MobiHealth News

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